Monday, April 4, 2016

Department of Good Advice, Expatriation Edition

Not sure you want to hang around the U. S. of A. for the Trump Administration, but you're thinking that maybe Cape Breton Island is a little cold and distant?  Before you begin your search for an exotic locale with the climate and cultural sophistication of Texas, you'd be well advised to check out The New York Times:

I asked Ms. McElroy and others familiar with expat life about the things Americans traveling abroad should do if they’re visiting a place with an eye to settling down. Here are several suggestions.
 . . . .
Take off your jacket and imagine the sun beating down on you in midsummer — 20 years from now.
What may seem like a pleasant climate in spring may be a sopping inferno in summer or cryogenic tank in winter. “If you’ve never lived by the Equator, you may find you hate being in air-conditioning all the time,” said Mr. Eves, who has lived in India, Poland, South Africa, Russia and Ukraine, among other places. There’s also global warming to consider. Prognosticators say the countries that will endure it best have both fortunate geographic locations and strategies for mitigating the impact. A University of Notre Dame index put Germany and Iceland at the top of the list, Chad at the bottom.

New York Times Travel Section, April 3, 2016 at 4.

Chad at the bottom?  Who knew?

So before you chuck everything for that open-plan three-bedroom in N'djamena, thank your lucky stars that the Times is looking out for you.  Our advice: wait until next Sunday's Real Estate Section for the multimedia piece “What 650,000 Dirhams Buys You in Noakchott.”

Escape dreary malls and Chris Christie in sunny N'djamena

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