Saturday, June 30, 2018

A day in the life of The Massachusetts Spy

We love hearing from our millions of loyal readers.  In addition to the daily diet of news tips, helpful comments, and fantasies about what will happen to our female reporters and editors when the writer and his 10 imaginary friends meet them outside the Taco Bell where they have been stalking them for months, we are often asked: what's a typical day like at The Spy?  Of course, there are no typical days, so we just took one at random to show you.  It happened to be last Friday.  So enjoy this look behind the scenes and keep those Tweets, emails, and threats of ritual disembowelment coming!

For the last 100 years, the Spy's headquarters have been an unmistakable local landmark.

The Spy's editorial team is up early, ready to start another exciting day of newsgathering!

In the Spy's newsroom, assignment editors prepare the news budget and assign stories to incoming [Surely, arriving? – Ed.] staff.

After the morning editorial meeting, the Spy's reporters hit the streets to gather the news.

What with the Internets, sometimes Spy field reporters have to call in their stories to the continuous news desk for immediate posting.

Back in the office, other Spy reporters share what they have learned with editors who prepare the story for immediate release.

After the Late City Final goes to press, the Spy's reporters and editors finally have time to relax and reflect on the exciting developments of the news day.

Early in the morning the Spy's crack delivery team hits the streets to get that day's paper into the hands of its loyal readers.  Then we go back to work and start all over again, just for you!

We'd like to thank Dana Loesch, the NRA, and the Republican Party for their assistance in the preparation of a day in the life of The Spy.

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