Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Let's play Diner Bingo!

Editors' Note:  The news from Occupied Washington is so grim that we had to get out of town.  While the Grifter-in-Chief commits new impeachable offenses with every Tweet, to which the Democrats respond by proclaiming that the outrages are, in their measured words, outrageous, and leaves our Kurdish allies to be slaughtered, but not until they have released thousands of hard-core ISIS terrorists in to the world, plucky national political reporters are once again taking, in the absence of brain waves, the pulse of white U Bum voters who respond with more of the same lame-o rationalizations for their laziness, bigotry, and greed.  Often, these reporters are speaking to the same eight white stooges they spoke to last year.  And by the way, just because someone says they voted for Obama doesn't mean they did, especially those who parrot crypto-racist talking points.  At any rate, to divert readers who may have tired of the same nonsense every other week, we offer a fun game that we call Diner Bingo.  Whenever you read one of these tiresome expressions, just cross it off your card and if you get five in a row, yell “Both Sides” to win your free sopprasata sandwich.

Dems are trying to overturn an election
Don't know whom to believeLike his judges Still don't trust Hillary
Both parties do it
He's standing up to immi-
It's just politicsHe's not afraid to say what's on his mind
Wish he wouldn't Tweet so much

Extorting election help from foreign states no big deal
He's strongMAGADems should focus on kitchen-table issuesI don't know whom to believe

He says what I'm thinking
Impeachment too divisiveYou hear different thingsHe's just joking
Dems should work with PresidentWhy are liberals falling for it?President deserves due processThe economy's good
The Jews will not replace us [How did that get in there? – Ed.]

Hope you win!

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