Monday, February 3, 2020

Spy Fun Pages: Impeachment Bingo!

Editors' Note:  The House impeachment managers marshaled their evidence and argued eloquently that a President who extorts a foreign country for solely political gain and then stonewalls the Congress merits impeachment and removal from office.  While they were doing so, compelling new evidence emerged, irrefutably proving the facts of the House's case.  So what happens?  The entire Republican Senate bands together to cover up and dismiss the charges, thereby ensuring that the Grifter-in-Chief will commit even more flagrant misdeeds to ensure his continuing grasp of power.

Kinda depressing, no?

Fear not, the Spy will cheer you up.  Instead of throwing your shoes at your television this week as the sorry spectacle of Republican complicity in high crimes plays out before you, why not have some fun with Spy Impeachment Bingo?  It's so simple – every time a Republican Senator spouts one of the ridiculous rationalizations they have been fed for voting to cover up Presidential crimes, just check the box.  First one who wins gets an NFL tryout, just like Colin Kaepernick!

Extorting campaign help wrong but not impeachable
Dems are trying to overturn 2016 election
Sen. Warren asked a mean questionLike his tax cuts and judges House should have waited to enforce subpoenas

If he thought his re-election was a good thing, it's OK - that's what a smart Jew lawyer says

Too close to 2020 election
Schiff referred to CBS news report re U Bum revenge planHouse rushed inquiry
You can't introduce new evidence at a trial

Desperate Ukraine leader said he didn't feel extorted
Witch huntHunter Biden
House delayed inquiry

Bolton a far-left stooge

Don't need evidence; we know what happened and it's OK!
HoaxImpeach- ment too divisive
They all do it, what- ever it is

Senate needs to get back to not working
He probably won't do it againHearsayPresident denied due processPresi- dent didn't say "quid pro quo"
Benghazi [How did that get in there? – Ed.]

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