Friday, July 17, 2020

SPONSORED CONTENT -- Coming soon from New York Times Pictures!

You've read in Axios the exciting news that The New York Times, having vanquished journalism, is now seeking new worlds to conquer.  Hollywood watch out – here's this fall's boffo offerings from the Irving Thalberg wannabes on Eighth Avenue:

That's my Kevin!
"You mean he's a racist?"
The laughs are non-stop in this warm family sitcom featuring glamorous flame-haired Washington Times columnist Maureen Dowd and her adorable racist brother, Kevin. In the pilot episode, hilarity ensues when Kevin is invited to Mo's swanky Georgetown pad for a swell soireΓ© and mistakes Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson for the parking valet!  Featuring James Woods as Kevin and Tara Reid as Mo.


NPIS Washington

"But is he lying?"
Taut newsroom procedural featuring the crack sleuths of the Newspaper Prevarication Investigative Service as they try to determine if the President of the United States is really lying when he says his opponent wants to outlaw windows and dishwashers.  Although they never get to the right answer, their painstaking technique and careful ratiocination provides riveting viewing each and every week.  With Adam Scott as Peter Baker, Susie Essman as Maggie Haberman, and Jeffrey Tambor as Adam Nagourney.


The Fugitive

"Why are they so mean to me?"
Imaginative reboot of the famous series “The Fugitive,” this time featuring a haunted Bari Weiss as she flees persecution and snarky Twitter remarks by leaving her cushy Times job and heading on the road, with only millions of reactionary dark money and Ben Shapiro to protect her.  With Aidy Bryant as Bari and David Spade as Ben Shapiro; directed by Jim Bennet.  A co-production with Koch Studios.


Where in the World is . . . . ?

"Albany is right this way."
Reality show for the whole family in which teams of Times reporters compete to discover hidden locations where they are told they might find a story to cover.  In the first episode, four teams set out in search of the fabled capital of the State of New York, known as Albany, but find themselves lost in locations as varied as Albany Street, Brooklyn and Trenton, New Jersey.


The Price is Ridiculous

"You want the crosswords, too?  Hahaha!"
Big money quiz show in which print subscribers guess how much a seven-day subscription to The New York Times will cost.  The high bidder wins, as long as it's north of $1,300!   Times President and Jimmy Saville BFF Mark Thompson hosts, delighting the contestants with his British accent and dry wit as their pockets are emptied.

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