Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Checking in with the Dershowitz Center for the Overexposed

[The Spy has no more loyal sponsor than the world-renowned Alan Dershowitz Center for the Overexposed, located in lovely and obscure Fargo, North Dakota.  For decades, the Dershowitz Center has helped thousands, including its eponymous founder, to recover from the ravages of overexposure.  Its graduates proudly occupy positions of obscurity in all career fields, and with your help, its great work will go on.  Every so often, in exchange for plugs like this, the Dershowitz Center provides an update on those it helps, and others who need its help really bad.]

Checking in:

Ben Carson
Mike Huckabee
Sarah Palin and Her Aristocrats
Julian Fellowes
Ryan Secrest
Kobe Bryant

Checking out:

Juan Pablo the Bachelor
Derek Jeter
David Letterman
Katie Couric
Simpson & Bowles

Rooms reserved:

Megyn Kelly
Rahm Emanuel
Kanye West's cloaca

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