Thursday, May 26, 2016


We read today that Bernie Sanders has announced his appointments to the Platform Committee of the Democratic National Convention, including James Zogby and infamous Princeton University Professor Cornel West.

This Cornel West?

Yup, that guy.  Leaving aside his insane hatred of President Barack Obama, whom most would regard as the head of the Democratic Party whose platform Professor West will help write, it's even harder to overlook his equally cracked hatred of Jews, as expressed by his support for the so-called BDS movement, which is nothing more than the old Arab boycott intended to destroy Israel dressed up with a web site and credulous British students.

We haven't forgotten Zogby either.  He too is a big fan of the BDS economic war on Israel.

Now we would be the last to demand that Sanders's appointees agree with the Likud Party position on all matters related to U.S. Israel policy.  But there's a wide gap between criticizing Bibi Netanyahu's policy of eternal conflict and occupation and advocating the destruction of the State of Israel.  That gap is in fact as wide as J Street, no fan of the current Israeli government.  Here's what they had to say about the BDS movement:
J Street is on the front lines fighting against BDS, particularly on campus where we confront resolutions that often serve as thinly veiled attempts to delegitimize Israel. The most effective way to counter the BDS movement is to take steps to end the occupation and to reach a two-state solution to the conflict.
Apparently Bernie Sanders either can't distinguish legitimate concerns about Israeli policy from anti-Semitism or he's so eager to embarrass Hillary Clinton that he doesn't much care.  In either case, Sanders's idiotic appointments to the Platform Committee are like the proverbial thirteenth tick of the clock: not only are they absurd in themselves, but they call everything that came before them into question.

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