Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hot off the Trail: Saving Kelly "Profile in Courage" Ayotte

By David Bloviator
Political Editor

One of the many joys of living in Boston is the ability to enjoy political advertising aimed at the wilderness to our north, otherwise known as New Hampshire.  Most N.H. voters get Boston local stations on their cable, so well-heeled political types buy expensive Boston TV time to reach a small minority of viewers up in Black Fly Country.

Running now are ads from the loathsome U.S. Chamber of Commerce, desperate to prop up incumbent Senator Kelly “Profile in Courage” Ayotte.  Eager to distract voters from parsing Sen. Ayotte's bizarre linguistic effort to “support,” but not “endorse” the tangerine-faced clown in the fright wig who is also her party's nominee for President (thanks in large part to New Hampshire voters), the U.S. Chamber has launched an attack ad on Sen. Ayotte's opponent, Gov. Maggie Hassan.

The U.S. Chamber spot accuses Gov. Hassan of at various times in her long political career supporting $1 billion in spending “for her.”  Did Maggie Hassan really vote to divert a billion dollars from the New Hampshire Treasury into her own pocket?  If so that would be quite the story.

Normally, we'd search this on Google, but since Google supports the U.S. Chamber and its muck-spreading, we think we'll follow up elsewhere and tell Google to go bing themselves.

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