Monday, October 31, 2016

Coming next month to Trump TV: Law and Order PJU

In the political justice system, the role of law enforcement is to investigate crimes and if no evidence of criminality is found, to shoot its mouth off about whatever the hell it wants.  These are their stories.  Bump-bump.

“We know you didn't commit that murder, but that sweater is hideous and your apartment smells like dead fish.”  Bump-bump.

 “So she was out of town the night of the crime, but those shoes?  With that dress?  Call the fashion police!”  Bump-bump.

“I know he has an airtight alibi, but this cone tastes like crap.  I say we tell the press that he might have killed the Lindbergh baby.”  Bump-bump.

Don't miss Law and Order: Political Justice Unit, Wednesdays at 9 on Trump TV, right after an all-new episode of The Fugitive, starring Chris Christie.

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