Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Broken News: White racist elected by appealing to the racism of white racists is a . . .

By A.J. Liebling
Meta-Content Editor

His much-hyped remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers opened last weekend to terrible reviews and stinko box office.  The sizzle reel promised squads of helmeted truncheon-wielding ICE goons breaking down doors and rounding up scary brown men (or women and children, if that's who was at home) and locking them up in non-concentration camps.  Instead we got footage of deserted parks and streets as all sorts of folks, including documented immigrants and citizens, cowered behind closed doors, absorbing the advice not to open doors to ICE.

The show bombed, so it was back to the old drawing noose
As entertainment for white stooges, it was even more boring than The Apprentice.  The world's greatest producer had to come up with something that would generate big ratings.

So he turned to the only page in his one-page playbook and said incredibly racist things about four duly-elected Representatives who by amazing coincidence were women of color.  He told them to go back where the came from (Michigan, Minnesota, Boston, and the Bronx), which of course is what they do most weekends anyway like any Representative who wants to be re-elected or at least get out of the summer Washington schvitz.

Racist statements from the Bigot-in-Chief?  The media treated the news as a revelation, as if the President had emerged from the locker room at one of his busto golf courses in a hood and white robe.  The shock at what had been apparent to anyone watching President U Bum over the last forty years (check out eyewitness testimony from The Atlantic) was marvelous to behold.

Sure we got some of the usual circumlocutions:
  • viewed as racist” (NY Times)(presumably in the sense that most of us view the Earth as round)
  • “widely denounced as racist” (AP) (just as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was widely denounced as an act of war)
  • “fiery attacks” (Fox 'News')
But this time CNN, CBS News, and NBC News dropped the charade and termed the revolting Tweets “racist” even as they withheld judgment about whether an old white man who wallows in racist statements and whose every bit of observed behavior is consistent with bigotry is in fact a racist.

The whole debate about whether the Racist-in-Chief is in fact as racist was treated by the media as shocking news.  Who could have foreseen it?  Other than anyone paying attention to U Bum's rise.

He announced his campaign with a torrent of racist false attacks on Mexicans.  The New York Times, in a jokey account, summarized his performance:
Christopher Ruddy, a friend of Mr. Trump’s. . . . who is chief executive of Newsmax, the conservative magazine and website, said Mr. Trump would bring an unaccustomed level of glamour to the Republican field.
Because nothing is more glamorous than racism, amirite?  Bull Connor, Jesse Helms, Jim Clark – icons of glamour all. 
L to R: People that don't have a racist bone in their bodies.
It must have been all that glamour that mesmerized the not at all racist Maureen Dowd during one of her many flirty interviews with the Bigot-in-Chief, before the election.  Here she is, boldly confronting U Bum with the mass of evidence of his racism:

I note that many people still think his bid is more runaway Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon than a run on meaningful issues. (Aug. 15, 2015)

By the following June, with U Bum the presumptive Republican nominee, she, um, changed her mind:
He won’t pivot. So I have to.
Having seen Donald Trump as a braggadocious but benign celebrity in New York for decades, I did not regard him as the apotheosis of evil. He seemed more like a toon, a cocky huckster swanning around Gotham with a statuesque woman on his arm and skyscrapers stamped with his brand. I certainly never would have predicted that the Trump name would be uttered in the same breath as Hitler, Mussolini and scary menace, even on such pop culture staples as “The Bachelorette.” Trump jumped into the race with an eruption of bigotry, ranting about Mexican rapists and a Muslim ban. But privately, he assured people that these were merely opening bids in the negotiation; that he was really the same pragmatic New Yorker he had always been; that he would be a flexible, wheeling-and-dealing president, not a crazy nihilist like Ted Cruz or a mean racist like George Wallace. 

And that's why she enthusiastically supported Hillary Clinton.  Just kidding!

Here's her fellow clueless white Op-Ed columnist Ross Douthat back in summer of 2015:

But as the long list of theories above suggests, we’re all still a little ways away from fully understanding the Trump phenomenon, and that means that it’s unwise to bet too heavily on any specific endgame here. He won’t be in the White House in 2017, but exactly how and when he finishes the race seems a greater mystery than I expected when he joined.

Could it be the racism?  Ross's crystal ball was clouded.  We won't even check what ol' Perfesser David Brooks missed back then because it's too damn hot out.

Here's CNN reporting a focus group of U Bum supporters that summer.  They loved the Mexican rapist bit:

And none of the six Trump supporters were bothered by his comments that Mexican immigrants are "rapists" and drug dealers. "He didn't say Mexicans, he said Mexico," Jerry DeLemus said, which is also a distinction that Trump has repeatedly made. "His point was that Mexico is outmaneuvering America and they are out maneuvering us. What other country in the world would allow that type of illegal immigration to come across the border?"  

Sure, the defense is that U Bum was accusing a whole (Hispanic) nation of shipping its rapists and assassins to us deliberately.  That's not racist! 

But wait there's more!
Those Were the Days, My Friends

[CNN anchor Alyson] Camerota points out that while CNN made an effort to gather a racially diverse group of Trump supporters, they were unable to find African-Americans or Latinos to participate in the panel discussion.

Why was CNN unable to find any people of color who supported the Tangerine-Faced Bigot?  Uninquiring minds, like the those of the media in 2015, didn't want to know.

But you catch the drift, or rather you don't – the great white [Surely, wise? – Ed.] pundits regarded the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief as a joke and a showman.  They didn't bother to read his script or wonder why the show was drawing such a crowd.

Now they are shocked, shocked to discover that the Tangerine-Faced Grifter is a racist who promotes racist ideology.  If only they could have told us sooner.

But of course nothing changes on Planet Media.  Just tonight superannuated gasbag Chris Matthews convened his panel to ponder why virtually every Republican Representative refused to condemn U Bum's racist statements.  Maybe two years after the next election, he'll tell us that – gadzooks, they're racists, too!

The whole edifice of thought excusing and minimizing the million-watt racism reactor powering the radioactive Republican racism machine is making it difficult for some of us to catch our breath.

Like Eric Garner,  who was choked to death by the New York Police Department for the capital offense of selling cigarettes while black.

Today we learned that that the officers who executed him in public on the sidewalks of Staten Island will not face federal civil rights charges.  We also learned that the decision was made by U Bum's loyal mouthpiece Attorney General William Barr.

We can't wait to be told why he made that decision.  Until then we can only guess.

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