Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SPONSORED CONTENT - Check out these exciting courses from the Harvard Institute of Hack Politics

Harvard IOHP

The Harvard Institute of Hack Politics is pleased to announce its Fall 2017 Schedule of Courses.

IOHP 102: Politics for Fun and Profit. Prof. Delahunt.  Students will study how to leverage a career as a hack prosecutor and congressman into a lifetime of ease.  Prof. Delahunt will cover topics including avoiding politically dangerous prosecutions, greasing Massachusetts Legislators, and abandoning whatever principles one may have had for personal advancement.

IOHP 152: Resolution of Zoning Disputes. Prof. Lewandowski.  Land use disputes are among the most common and vexing issues that face local government.  Participants will explore a variety of alternative dispute-resolution techniques, including baseball bats, numchuks, poison pen letters and the Professor's favorite, leaving a flaming bag of poop on the front steps of one's adversary, because when they try to stomp out the flames, they get poop on their shoes!  Requires field work in New Hampshire.  Students must supply their own plastic bags and matches.

IOHP 317: Profiles in Courage and Moderation. The President and Fellows of Harvard College.   In the spirit of the namesake of the John F. Kennedy School of Politics, the teaching staff will review balancing political courage with the need to keep the mazooma coming in from rich reactionary alumni.  (Note: Prof. Manning will not participate in this course.)

IOHP 420: Going Green the Massachusetts Way. Profs. Delahunt and Chong.   Massachusetts is a leader in the decriminalization of marijuana.  Learn how to profit by forming front companies and getting preferential treatment from state agencies.  Prerequisite: IOHP 102 or $10,000 cash.

IOHP 118: (Man)Handling the Media. Prof. Lewandowski.  No challenge in modern campaigning is more complex than dealing with the media, and no one knows more about it than this lecturer and his co-conspirators.  Topics will include slapping and punching reporters, intimidating media by encouraging rally goers to threaten them, and demeaning and sexually assaulting reporters, especially the young pretty ones.

IOHP 371: Proper Utilization of the Investigative Powers of Congress.   Prof. Chaffetz.  Congress is vested with the power to oversee the Executive Branch.  Learn how this power may be deployed to create and maintain fake scandals in the face of overwhelming lack of evidence of wrongdoing.  Of equal importance, learn how to bury real scandals involving members of your own political party.  For their final project, students will be required to present a pretext for investigating Hillary Clinton. 

IOHP 725: Will Work for Food. Prof. Spicer.  This is not a course; Sean just wants a job.

All IOHP Courses are open to all members of the Harvard Community interested in sucking up to hack politicians.  Preference is given to especially obnoxious undergraduates.

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